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Auto Dealers on Twitter

Explore and Review hundreds of Twitter postings by New Car Dealerships in minutes with our simple and properly organized listing of dealerships we follow and are followed by.

Are you a Retail Consumer or Internet Marketer? Stay updated with current auto industry events. Our Twitter connections allow you the possibility of following thousands of new car dealerships for the purpose of viewing current sales and specials, researching new automotive products, search for career opportunities or simply join auto dealership social networks.  Auto Dealership listing on Twitter

Simply Job Listings

Simply one of the easiest ways to located 100's of recruiting automotive dealerships with employment opportunities listed on a career Web page.

It's fairly Simple. Auto Dealerships are now recruiting online by utilizing their dealership Web sites to find talented, experienced dealership individuals to employ and finds those Web pages for you when new career opportunities become available. All you have to do is review the job offerings and apply for the job if interested.  Visit the Website of Simply Jobs Auto


Car Dealer Spreadsheets

Excel Spreadsheets developed for the Dealership Sales, Finance and Service Departments designed to improve profitability and efficiency. Sound business decisions are based on the numbers.

These Spreadsheets and Excel Workbooks are designed to help dealership personnel manage the endless stream of financial numbers that have become overwhelming and insignificant, but have serious impact on a dealerships profitability. If you are searching for new ideas on how to analyze a dealerships numbers, this is a must view.  View and Download Dealership Spreadsheets

Marketing Online Fundamentals

Self-Help questionnaire and checklist for exceeding customer expectations one step at a time. Components of Dealership e-Marketing Success.

Online Marketing will forever be an everlastingly ongoing challenge requiring endless thought and continuous review. This Web page offers 100 key questions a developing Automotive Internet Department ought to be able to answer, its not to going to resolve all your dealerships online marketing shortcomings, its not going to propel your Auto dealership to internet marketing success, its not going to guarantee that your dealership will be the "Best-of-the-Best". It will nevertheless demonstrate the fact that when developing an automotive dealership online, internet marketing campaign you’ll face many questions.  Dealership Online Fundamentals


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